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My publishing story so far…

In 2016, I completed ‘A Jarful of Moondreams’ my first novel and sent it off to several agents. After a few months of agent rejections, some kind and some one-liners, I decided to find a publisher myself.  I didn’t have the time to wait around for years to see whether my first novel would fit an agent’s list. 

I see now- isn’t hindsight such a wonderful thing? – that I was impatient and new to the publishing world so of course I made mistakes. Luckily, I’m resilient and it’s all about learning. I’m not with the small publisher I started out with now – never explain, never complain – I should have taken more time to consider my options but I was keen to find readers.

 I wrote another book and eventually took my debut novel back from the publisher. I gave the two novels in my Dunleith series the beautiful new covers that you can see above and embraced becoming an independent author. 

I believe we must help to make our own dreams come true and proof of that is the success of my historical sagas, The Colliery Rows series. In the past year, two sagas and a novella set in Linwood Colliery have been published under my own imprint, Vallum publishing.

My most recent family saga is ROSE’S EVER AFTER

Can a broken heart find a happily ever after?  Rose is happily married to Danny and enjoying motherhood with a promising future stretching out before her until a cruel twist of fate seizes it. Will she overcome her heartache as she tries to build a new life? 

Rose returns to the safe haven of Linwood colliery and her warm-hearted family. As she settles into life in the colliery rows, Rose is makes an astounding discovery and a long lost family member decides to show up and make demands on them all.

This emotionally gripping saga follows on from ‘Rose’s Choice’ yet it can be enjoyed as a stand alone novel

The links below show where you can pick up ‘Rose’s Ever After’ to follow the twists and turns of Rose’s eventful life and find out whether the rugged path ahead, full of challenges, leads her to a new ‘happily ever after’

Amazon UK for e-book and paperback https://tinyurl.com/bek7673s

Amazon USA for e-book and paperback https://tinyurl.com/bek7673shttps://tinyurl.com/85rs2bwy

The paperback can be ordered from Waterstones, WH Smith and any local book shop 

You can find all of my books on my Amazon page https://tinyurl.com/9s36arn6

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