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THE GIVEAWAY GIRL, my latest novel is part of the Kelly family series and can be read as a stand alone novel.

The Giveaway Girl: An emotional family saga of love, secrets and belonging.

Joy’s world is turned upside down when she discovers she was given away as a newborn. She runs away from her home in Australia to go in search of her birth family in Northumberland, England.

Coming face-to-face with the Kelly family ignites Joy’s envy of her sister, Rose, and she plunges into a tailspin of mistakes and heartache.

Joy’s trouble-strewn journey is set in the sixties, a time of freedom and promise. She sees that popular culture and attitudes are changing, yet she still hides the shame of being the giveaway girl.

What will it take for her to accept the events of the past, come to understand the meaning of love and discover her true worth?

ROSE’S CHOICE – a heart- wrenching wartime saga of family, live and secrets.

Rationing, bombing, disease and pit disasters are part of Rose Kelly’s Workd War 2 childhood. When the spirited coalminer’s daughter discovers a family secret , she makes a choice that overshadows her teenage years. Rose tried to make the most of post war opportunities but family tragedy pulls her back to the rows She relinquishes a bright future for domestic duties because her family comes first. Will family ties get in the way of her dreams?

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Also available on Amazon:

A Jarful of Moondreams

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The Barn of Buried Dreams
Recent reviews –
‘The Barn of Buried Dreams is a lovely heart-warming story… It’s a story of everyday people with everyday problems, but it’s not an everyday book. It’s written sympathetically, with warmth and love, and the characters are well-developed and relate-able. And there’s a hunky Texan to (cowboy) boot! I’m going to go and read the author’s first novel, A Jarful of Moondreams!’  Vikbat-  book blogger

‘After reading the blurb, I was really eager to get in to this new book by the delightful Chrissie Bradshaw to see if she is as friendly and approachable on the page as she is in real life. I am fascinated by the dynamics within families, particularly between sisters as I have three myself, so I was sure this book would be right up my street.

Now I have finished the book, I can confirm that I was not at all disappointed following my high expectations. This is a very readable, warm and enticing novel which was engrossing and satisfying to the end.

I particularly loved the setting of the book in the border country between Scotland and Northumberland, an area I know very well from many childhood holidays and a beautiful part of the country which is filled with warm and friendly people, and I feel like Chrissie brought this to life perfectly and got it across in her writing, so that I really believed in the setting and the characters in the book and became invested in their stories…. Her writing and the story flows very smoothly and is very easy to read and I am sure that anyone wise enough to pick up this lovely book will be carried along with it and close the last cover with the satisfaction that follows a pleasing read. Highly recommended.’ A Little Book Problem – book blogger 

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