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ROSES EVER AFTER – An enthralling saga of love, loss and family secrets

On May 11th, Rose is back in the sequel to ‘Rose’s Choice’.

Rose has a promising future stretching out before her until a cruel twist of fate seizes it. Will she overcome her heartache as she tries to build a new life?
Rose returns to the safe haven of Linwood colliery and her warm-hearted family. As she settles into life in the colliery rows, Rose is shocked to discover another family member has decided to show up and make demands on them all.
Follow the twists and turns of Rose’s eventful life to discover whether the rugged path ahead, full of challenges, will lead her to a new ‘happily ever after’

ROSE’S CHOICE – a wartime family saga set in Northumberland. It’s available in ebook or paperback form on Amazon which is perfect for those who feel nervous about going out shopping or any good book shop will order the paperback for you.

THE UNWELCOME ANGEL is an emotionally compelling novella about a diphtheria epidemic sweeping through a mining village during wartime. It’s a spin to ROSE’S CHOICE but both are stand alone reads. From all good book sellers. Here is the  Amazon link

 THE BARN OF BURIED DREAMS is available as an ebook or paperback from Amazon and free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

You will meet Erin, Heather and Bracken the Welsh terrier at Magpies Rest , a converted barn where dreams are buried . Erin and Heather are struggling after the loss of their mother, can they support one another to let their dreams see daylight?

The Barn of Buried Dreams

A STORY OF SISTERS, SECRETS AND ROMANCE OVER AN EVENTFUL SUMMER. Meet Cleo and her younger sister, Alex. They don’t get on but they are thrown together when Teri, their mother, takes off to Egypt on a long-awaited gap year. Will their be fireworks or friendship?
It is available on Amazon as an ebook or paperback