On Going Indie


Me indie? I sat on a wobbly fence of pros and cons.


  • I can’t blame anyone but me when anything goes wrong.

  • I need to put money upfront and believe my novels will sell.

  • I have to sell as well as write.

  • I don’t have deadlines. It will be easy to procrastinate or to publish too prematurely.


  • I like being independent.

  • I can choose my editors and cover designers.

  • The royalties are much better, when I make a sale.

  • I don’t have deadlines. I can work to the beat of my own drum and take as long as I need to finish a novel.

For a little while, I was afraid to climb over. I’d be on my own and I might fall and fail. I faced the unknown and did it anyway. Phew! Here I am with the indie tribe at the RNA conference in July.


Indie author party at the Romantic Novelists’ conference in Leeds
These authors have sought and achieved the same rights as traditionally published authors and they are a great bunch of role models.
I’ve learnt that there are safety nets such as ALLI – The Alliance of Independent Authors and the Society of Authors who can offer advice and the support of a whole lot of other experienced indie authors who have gone before me.
 I’m committed to all the extra work on promotion and branding that going indie will entail and, although it is hard work, it is fun!


This month, Ive relaunched A Jarful of Moondreams with a beautiful new cover.


A preview of the cover for
The Barn of Buried Dreams






I’m  finishing the final edits of  THE BARN OF BURIED DREAMS so that it is available in October. I’m writing book 3 too so the indie path is a busy one!

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