Meet Joy, The Giveaway Girl

2024 has been a busy year! I’ve finished the edits and published my latest book THE GIVEAWAY GIRL on Feb 29th. I’m really grateful for that extra leap year day because life has been so busy! 

I needed a cataract operation and it’s a small procedure but my eyes are vital for editing so, as they adjusted, I had to be patient. Aren’t we fortunate to have these treatments available though? In my latest novel, a well-loved character needs a new kidney but it’s 1964 and transplants are new and donors are few. 

I loved writing this novel about Joy, the giveaway girl. She is given away at birth and leaves Australia to travel to Northumberland, England to find her birth family.  THE GIVEAWAY  GIRL is a stand alone novel but links  to other books in The Kelly Family Series. 

THE GIVEAWAY GIRL is set in the 1960s so the sixties music scene and a rock star romance features strongly. Joy’s story starts in Australia then moves to a backdrop of the Northumbrian coast with a  visit to  Liverpool and France. There are tears, tantrums and troubles mixed with laughter, sacrifice and love. Does it end happily for Joy? My characters go through a lot but there’s always an uplifting ending.

  Here’s what one reader wrote on Amazon. 

“Thank you again for another great story. I couldn’t put it down. A great story about another of the Kelly clan. She is the next one? I truly love the books of this author

Now that makes the busy times worthwhile and spurs  me on to tell another tale. 

THE GIVEAWAY GIRL will feature on over 20 websites during March. Give Joy a wave 👋 or, better still give her a read on Ebook or paperback.

The Giveaway Girl: An emotional family saga of love, secrets and belonging.

Joy’s world is turned upside down when she discovers she was given away as a newborn. She runs away from her home in Australia to go in search of her birth family in Northumberland, England.

Coming face-to-face with the Kelly family ignites Joy’s envy of her sister, Rose, and she plunges into a tailspin of mistakes and heartache.

Joy’s trouble-strewn journey is set in the sixties, a time of freedom and promise. She sees that popular culture and attitudes are changing, yet she still hides the shame of being the giveaway girl.

What will it take for her to accept the events of the past, come to understand the meaning of love and discover her true worth?

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