A lockdown tour with my new book

 I haven’t written on here for a while yet I’ve written several blogs. That sounds like the start of a riddle doesn’t it? But it’s not. It’s  because I’ve been busy writing contributions for my blog tour.  It is running next month between 14 th and 21st of July and I’ve been scribbling away because 21 (yes 21!)bloggers have offered to help me to launch my new book ‘Rose’s Choice’

For those of you who haven’t met one before, a blog tour is ideal for our lockdown situation. It is a virtual tour on the internet and I appear on the 21 blogger’s sites with either an interview or an article or an extract from ‘Rose’s Choice’. Some bloggers read and review the book too so I’m excited to hear what they say about this heart- wrenching wartime saga. I hope it goes down well because I’d hate to disappoint my readers and I start to worry about a month before delivery of my book baby. 

During the week of the tour, the bloggers tweet and use Instagram as well as having me as a guest on their blog so, if you see any of these, please retweet and let as many people as we can reach find out about my new release. Promotion is important because I’d hate my wartime saga to be a book without a reader. 

It’s ebook or paperback and available on Amazon which is perfect for those who feel nervous about going out to shop or, when they open again, any good book shop will order.

Ebooks can be pre- ordered now and it’s exciting to see how many readers have already ordered. Thank you if you were one of them!  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Roses-Choice-heart-wrenching-wartime-Colliery-ebook/dp/ 

Rationing, bombing, disease and pit disasters are part of Rose Kelly’s World War 2 childhood. When the spirited coalminer’s daughter discovers a family secret, she makes a choice that overshadows her teenage years. Rose tries to make the most of post-war opportunities but family tragedy pulls her back to a life in the colliery rows. She relinquishes her bright future for domestic duties because her family comes first. Will family ties get in the way of her dreams?

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