Where was May?

Jarvis enjoys his holiday

What happened to May? What happened to the weather? My Grandma used to tell me ‘never cast a clout till May is out’ and this has been one of those years of wellies,woollies and brollies one day and sun loungers in the garden the next.

What happened to Maytime? Work, family, writing and the newly discovered tweeting has devoured it and I feel like I haven’t had a moment to breathe or blog! There has been fun, though!

We had a lucky day over the Jubilee weekend when the sun blazed down in the North East for the whole of an afternoon and others in the South seemed to get very wet. I sat in my red, white and blue in a friend’s garden where the champagne flowed and the sausages burned and we sang a catchy new song ‘stolen’ from a primary school celebration. ‘Here’s to the queen,the second longest reigning monarch the world has ever seen” seemed to have a couple of syllables too many! Was ‘second’ an afterthought? It will roll off the tongue much more easily when the queen becomes ‘the longest reigning’ so here’s to that happy event. It was a bit too catchy – the words have been in my head ever since!

We had a puppy as a house guest while my sister and family visited Iceland. It was the country  not the shop so they stayed a week and we got Jarvis the cocker spaniel. Sixteen weeks of energy and entertainment. He gave our two cats a new lease of life as they stalked and spied on his every move. Their interest and our sadness to see him go has brought us to the decision that a dog would be a lovely addition to the household and we are ‘looking’ Yay!

I’m definitely going to have a cocker spaniel in one of my novels. My current WIP features a delightful old cat.

Now what sort of dog should we go for and who can come up with a good name for the pup?

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