Does writing improve with sunshine?

The rock blaster stopped for the weekend. I walked across to chat to Bosszilla, the powerful woman in the yellow jacket with the stop and go road sign. She had been there every day directing the men at work and looked fierce. She turned out to be an absolutely charming lady and explained that they’’d pack up for the weekend and just needed a few hours on Monday to finish off. She was as true as her word and it took a while to get
used to silence this week.

I’ve had several sessions on the WIP. Yes, Really! In between sun, dips in the pool, some great and not so great books, wine and delicious tapas I have got to grips with it. I’ve worked on self-editing and some rewriting. I completed a self-editing course last month and it has   been invaluable in pointing me in the right direction at this stage of writing.

If you look at my links, you’ll see my blog wizard,Jamie Evans, is there and  the Writer’s Workshop is listed. They have been a real support over the last year and I signed up for their six week self-editing course. The two tutors really knew how to engage with the group and teach the skills needed at several levels. They gave invaluable individual feedback each week and this was shared within the group. 

The group, a dozen new authors at the editing stage, are a talented and supportive bunch who are great at bouncing ideas back and forth. We are going to continue sharing and critiquing one another’s work. I feel that I’ve gained a great group of writing friends from this experience.

The tutors, Debi and Emma, have their own sites with a wealth of resources. I’ve added them to my favourite links, if you care to take a look.

I think that my novel is changing for the better,but I hope it’s not like the wine I’ve brought home in the past! The times I have carried a bottle of fantastic local plonk home to find that it tastes different in cloudy, rainy Newcastle. That doesn’t happen to writing does it?
Hope not!


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